BBCG is a claims adjustment firm and a division of ClaimsPro. BBCG specializes in the following areas:

  • Fidelity
  • Surety
  • Liability
  • Construction Risks
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Trade Credit

Trade Credit

BBCG manages trade credit claims emanating under various types of policies involving buyers from around the world. BBCG’s familiarity with bankruptcy and insolvency legislation true to the origin of the importing country benefits our clients with the know-how to navigate towards the best result.

With judicial assessment of the Insured’s compliance with the policy application and warranty, we quantify eligible receivables and applicable credit, and identify effective cost recoveries thereby ensuring payment is made for the right reasons.


BBCG boasts over a century of combined experience in the adjustment of fidelity claims. From a theft of a small bank deposit at a retail outlet to complex headline making stock frauds involving hundreds of millions of dollars, BBCG’s experienced team of adjusters and accountants focus on controlling the Insured’s expectations, minimizing exposure and maximizing recoveries all in a cost effective manner.


Effective resolution and management of surety claims requires rapid response to quickly identify and implement the right solution. BBCG adjusters are without question the most experienced in handling surety claims. This coupled with their ability to assemble a dynamic team at a moment’s notice, ensures that our clients experience an unrivalled response time. From a minor dispute to a large complicated default, BBCG’s proven record and problem solving techniques consistently demonstrates its ability to effectively manage all situations.


BBCG experts investigate a variety of complex multi claimant financial losses due to product liability, occupier’s liability or losses related to environmental issues. Our team responds efficiently to identify the issues, preserve evidence and to protect the interests of our clients and their policyholders. Our structured approach is based upon a thorough investigation process aimed at resolution.TION 3

Construction Risks

BBCG is a widely recognized leader in the adjustment of major construction claims and civil engineering projects of all sizes. We have built considerable practical knowledge to managing builder’s risk and complete claims. Our familiarity with construction bonds gives BBCG a rather unique perspective on the risks inherent to any construction project. This expertise ensures positive proactive response to any construction claim situation.

Errors & Omissions

BBCG adjusts professional liability claims covering a vast array of fields within the financial, legal, construction and technology industries. Insight gained within fidelity and surety engagements gives BBCG clients an edge when facing similar situations from the liability perspective. Beyond traditional adjusting experts our clients have direct access to senior professional engineers of all disciplines and accountants providing specialized advice.

Directors & Officer Liability

With heightened attention to corporate governance in today’s business world, directors & officers are liable for their conduct while acting in such positions for public or private entities. Scrutiny of performance and conduct requires special investigative skills when coverage is brought in question.

Through extensive fidelity and surety investigations, BBCG professionals gain valuable knowledge to the benefit of understanding where actions fall relative to guidelines from a variety of regulatory bodies.

For more information on BBCG, contact Art Goguen, Managing Director, at 1 (866) 714-0001 or