Transportation, Equipment, and Cargo (TEC) Services

ClaimsPro offers claims services specific to the Transportation, Equipment, and Cargo (TEC) sectors as they pertain to collision, cargo, and liability insurance. Our specialized team of adjusters attend and document accident scenes and uncover the scope of the damages to truck, trailer, equipment and cargo, as well investigate and determine liability to ensure the fast and fair settlement of a claim. The varied skill set of our adjusters means we have the nuanced experience to handle your claim, regardless of the situation.

TEC service needs vary throughout North America, and ClaimsPro has the expertise and know-how to provide clients with services wherever and whenever they do business.

We specialize in Third-Party Administration (TPA) for the transportation industry including fleet operations, providing services in English and French.

Available 24/7

When you need a claim, our 1-800 number is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring you always speak to someone, live, when you need to. Call us anytime - 1.866.466.1344.

Unrivalled Experience

Our provincial leads each boast 30+ years’ experience in the TEC industry. With 120+ branches located throughout Canada, we provide regional expertise with the strength of a national company.

Presence Across North America

ClaimsPro is partnered with a national, U.S. based adjusting company with 260+ locations, ensuring we can provide services throughout Canada and the United States.

Contact our expert

Drew Knox

Drew Knox

Vice President, Transport, Equipment & Cargo (TEC)

T: 204-985-1777