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ClaimsPro was established in 1986 with the first office opening in Edmonton, AB, and through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, we have become the largest independent adjusting firm in Canada. With more than 100 branches and 700 Adjusters across Canada, ClaimsPro has offices in every province across the country, providing clients with local expertise backed by the resources of a national company.

Our commitment to clients is demonstrated in our broad range of client-specific standards, protocols, reviews, and quality assurance audits. Through our long-standing partnerships with domestic and international insurers, private and public corporations, self-insured clients, brokerages, municipalities, governments, as well as the Lloyd’s international insurance market, our claims professionals leverage years of experience to handle and settle claims efficiently, accurately, and fairly.

ClaimsPro provides clients with a consistent and standardized approach to claims adjusting that incorporates jurisdictional and local geographic coverage where claims occur. This translates into seamless service, efficiency, and cost savings for our clients through reduced Adjuster travel distance and time.

Our successful growth has come from the support of our clients, who recognize our commitment to customer service, and who have benefited from our ability to improve the standards of insurance adjusting through innovation year after year.

Where We Are

ClaimsPro has over 100 branches located across Canada, serving every province and major city across the country. We have over 700 Adjusters available across Canada operating from regional branch locations. These Adjusters are licensed in multiple lines of business as well as various provincial jurisdictions.

Additionally, we have an Adjuster team in the US that operates out of multiple wholly owned branch locations, supported by an established, robust network of affiliate Adjusters throughout the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii to provide clients with truly multi-national coverage.

Our operations and Adjuster teams on both sides of the border offer comprehensive and consistent multi-national claims management services across multiple lines, backed by our proprietary claims management technology iAdjust™, broad technical expertise, and an innovative business approach. We focus on cost containment, customer service, and effective claims management and administration.

Where We Are Going

Through continued strategic partnerships with our clients, our growth plans have remained focused on meeting or exceeding market growth. Our market strategy is to continue creating synergies and working with our clients through the exchange of the claims experience and supporting their ever-evolving needs by introducing new services and solutions.

We invest heavily in technology and in turn pass on these efficiencies to our clients to strategically develop products for the market. We remain focused on identifying diversification opportunities for clients and understanding what products are required so that we can grow and respond as fast as demand requires.

While we look to improve processes, introduce new technologies, and increase capacity, we also look beyond simply increasing employee headcount to support client needs. We introduce new methodologies to strategically reallocate existing people resources to be more efficient, with remote capabilities and solutions to support specialized projects or programs for clients. Through our efforts, ClaimsPro will remain at the forefront of leading change for independent adjusting services.