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Corporate Solutions

For corporate organizations with a large or self-insured retention, we offer claims management and administration services in all lines of claims. Available on both a national and a regional level, these services take the burden of managing claims away from your risk management or human resources departments so they can focus on what they do best. ClaimsPro has long-standing partnerships with many Canadian corporations, providing Third Party Administration (TPA) and customized claims administration services.

Services We Provide

Each organization has unique needs, so we adopt a dynamic and consultative approach to account services. Our senior claims professionals will meet with you to learn about your organization, your policies, and the types of claims you typically encounter. They’ll then hand-pick a team of Adjusters who will be dedicated to your account and assign an account manager to serve as a single point of contact for your organization. Each team member is familiarized with your specific policies and handling instructions. Team performance is monitored closely by one of our most experienced control Adjusters and our quality assurance team so you can be confident that we’re maintaining your positive brand reputation while delivering cost-effective claims services.

Our goal is to foster a mutually beneficial and long-term partnership in which our services evolve as your organization’s needs change over time.

  • Intake of claimant calls
  • Setup of online claim files
  • Distribution of claim application documents to claimants
  • Receive and review claim documents
  • Request additional information from claimant
  • Receive and review additional information or documents
  • Receive and review out-of-pocket claim documentation
  • Adjust or approve settlement amount accordingly
  • Document financial information for reporting purposes
  • Submit bordereau report of financial data for reconciliation
  • Receive authority to distribute payments
  • Issue payments
  • Close files and submit invoices for fees
  • Setup toll-free numbers and email addresses for claim reporting
  • Trust Fund Management and Administration

ClaimsPro Advantage

Maintaining Brand Integrity

With a team of Adjusters thoroughly familiar with your policies and handling instructions, you can be confident your customers are being looked after in a manner consistent with your brand strategy.

International Services, Local Resources

As the largest independent claims provider in Canada, we have people on the ground across the country—including full coverage across the US. This provides you with the advantage of having consistent service provided by professionals that are familiar with your needs and ready to respond wherever a claim occurs.

Efficiencies Realized Through a Centralized Model

Our account teams operate through a centralized model, ensuring an efficient and consistent claims handling process. Field Adjusters across the country follow specific instructions from account teams, which are in turn guided by a Control Adjuster and/or Account Manager.

Supporting Your Risk Management Programs

With the ability to record and analyze an unlimited amount of aggregate claims data, we provide vital information required for loss prevention programs. Leveraging our proprietary claims management system, iAdjust™, we can help you manage risk internally with customized data sets. You have direct access to all claims data collected for your organization with tools to mine, analyze, and understand the information. Our systems provide claims insights to support and create effective risk management initiatives.

Services Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Every account requires a unique mix of services tailored to fit your needs. We spend time learning about our clients’ businesses so we can best serve them. Ultimately, we can create a program that involves any level of service, from trust account administration to audit services.