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Bridging The Gap in Risk Management

OpticRisk™ is a standalone web-based risk management technology solution that empowers risk managers and companies to become more efficient and proactive in the way they manage incidents, claims, and insurance coverage across their organization.

Developed internally by SCM’s IT professionals, averaging over 25 years of experience, OpticRisk™ allows clients to access a high-level oversight of organizational risk and ground-level insight into causes, handling, and mitigation of specific incidents. OpticRisk™ is a risk management technology solution that makes claims reporting and tracking a simple yet powerful process, all on one affordable platform.

OpticRisk™ is robust enough for claims professionals, but simple enough for the most basic of claims. The system was built to be flexible and affordable and can easily be configured to meet the data-tracking needs of any organization. Customized integration services are also available for organizations wishing to tie into existing applications, and OpticRisk™ can be seamlessly integrated into ClaimsPro’s iAdjust™ system.

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Digital File and Asset Management

With OpticRisk™, you can access hierarchical views of all claim information, entities, assets, documents, and files of any type. Risk Mitigation plans can be easily implemented to identify and track the progress of mitigating potential loss. With a dynamic documents and file management system, OpticRisk™ manages the flow of data from a high-level program view, right down to an individual asset such as a distribution centre or building.

This document management system can generate automatic notification emails, custom form letters, and reminders to help manage incident and claims information easily and efficiently. It also has the capability to store multimedia files and the power to import large amounts of historical claims and incident information relevant to your risk program.

Asset management allows for tracking of all exposures such as locations, vehicles, drivers, content, etc. Files of any type such as documents, images, audio, and video can be stored for an individual asset. For example, building inspections and photos of assets can easily be uploaded to the system. Details of each asset, including COPE (Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure) data and commercial building inspections can also be tracked in OpticRisk™.

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User Dashboard and Reporting

OpticRisk™ is built on a platform that allows your organization to control the level of customization. Users can capture and compare any industry and company information for reporting that is relevant and insightful. The dashboard can be customized to provide a high-level overview of claim and incident data such as volumes for new claims or incidents, open claims or incidents, types of claims or incidents, timeline comparison data, abeyance calendar, and notifications, as well as navigation tools to direct you to desired screens and sections within the system. Problem areas are quickly identified, risk retention and loss information can be shown in meaningful infographics, and raw data can be easily exported to a spreadsheet.

OpticRisk™ comes with a robust set of standard reports. However, we work with clients to transfer existing report templates into the system, as well as create additional templates as needed. All reports can be run as required or scheduled to run and sent in PDF format to selected contacts via email. Ad hoc reports can also be created at any time.

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Centralize the intake of incidents and claims, with streamlined transfer and assignment of claims to ClaimsPro Adjusters

Store and track documents

Automate communication and information flow

Configure and run reports with specific and filtered loss information from all claims

Capture financial data including reserves and payments with customized reports

Manage assets including properties, people, and fleets

Communicate and analyze risk and exposure data

Gain the insight required to prioritize risk management initiatives