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With offices in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, BBCG is recognized as an industry leader in performing consistently professional and technically superior investigations. Our team of technically-skilled Adjusters offers over 150 years of combined experience, which ensures our clients receive the required support and advice that is essential when handling losses in specialty and niche insurance markets.

From the boardroom, the job site, and beyond to the courtroom, clients rely on BBCG’s technical expertise and years of practical experience to anticipate developments, identify opportunities, and offer innovative solutions to accurately measure exposures and mitigate risk.

At BBCG, we take great pride in our approach and ability to promptly respond to all claims and address unique investigative challenges. Leveraging the broad range of expertise and technical skillsets accessible from our in-house Adjuster team, we consistently deliver exceptional service and claim resolutions to our clients around the globe.

As subject matter experts, our Adjusters are often invited to speak at or host events to provide learning and professional development opportunities for our clients and other industry peers.


We continue to upgrade our technical skillsets every day, gaining invaluable practical experience through the ongoing management of claims, and taking part in industry-wide events including the Fidelity Law Association and American Bar Association seminars.

Our claims handling can range from that of a simple point of sale (POS) cashier theft to that of a half-billion-dollar rogue trading loss, to a wide range of other Crime and Cyber related losses. In the realm of Contract Surety, we manage claims ranging from small contractor disputes to complex construction defaults involving multimillion-dollar infrastructure projects. We also handle a broad spectrum of Liability claims across all sectors.

We strive to understand our client’s needs and exceed their expectations by applying our responsive, practical, knowledgeable, and results-driven approach.

Structured Investigations

At its core, BBCG is a well-recognized and respected leader in performing the technical investigations required to resolve claims in specialty and niche insurance markets. We leverage our extensive knowledge and incorporate a teamwork approach in all aspects of our work. If required, we also engage the right complement of resources including accountants, engineers, and other specialists to achieve the best possible outcomes. Should litigation be required, we also bring an innate ability to work with appointed legal counsel to manage the process to our client’s advantage. BBCG professionals are often called upon to provide expert testimony.