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Jeff Sutton

Jeff Sutton, Senior Vice President, Business Development

Jeff has worked in the Canadian Property and Casualty industry for over 15 years, driving sustainable, profitable growth for his clients. His extensive knowledge of SCM’s group of companies – having previously spent time with Opta Information Intelligence and SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) – helps him with growing ClaimsPro’s business. He furthers business development, and introduces enhanced tools and processes to increase client satisfaction.

Having held senior sales and operations positions with both underwriting and claims services companies throughout the Canadian P&C industry, Jeff specializes in creating sustainable value for clients by utilizing his extensive knowledge of data analytics, geocoding, underwriting, and claims adjusting.

Jeff holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from Ryerson University. He has spent over a decade in business development, building strong client relationships with similar customer bases.