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SMART Field Inspections

Quick, Accurate, and Reliable Property Claim Handling with Proven Indemnity Control

ClaimsPro presents a new methodology and process for handling claims remotely using mobile technology and a 360-degree camera supported by a secure backend platform. SMART Field Inspections are being used for both residential and commercial property losses. This interactive technology is driving change in the claims process for a quicker, more cost-efficient, and improved customer experience and a better claims event overall.

Clients can expect the same expertise, service reach, and quick response to which they are accustomed from ClaimsPro with additional remote capabilities.

Safe and Secure Claims Support with Remote Solutions

Adjusters share a secure link with the insured customer to begin exploring the property claim remotely at FNOL before ever stepping onsite. The adjuster directs the onsite person to capture photos and property loss information via smart phone to accurately assess damages remotely. Important claim related documents are completed and signed remotely by the policyholder using the secure shared link.

Explore Property Claims with a 360-Degree Virtual Tour of an Entire Property packaged within a Comprehensive Professional Claim Report

  • Quick, Qualified, and Reliable Scope of Damages
  • Detailed Repair Estimate within 5 Business Days
  • A 360-Degree Virtual Tour of an Entire Property
  • Interactive Zoom-in Tool for a Close-up View of Damages and Details
  • Floorplan with Precision Measurements
  • Comprehensive Professional Claim Report with Interactive and Share Features
  • Enter and Save comments on Photos and Documents within a Shared Digital Space
  • Quicker Settlements by sharing Accurate Repair Estimates
  • Proven Indemnity Control derived from Increased Accuracy

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Build Trust through Transparency

  • Virtual Property Tour is sharable with policyholders and helps to build Customer Confidence
  • Easily Overcome Potential Damage Discrepancies by providing access to accurately Recorded Damages within the Accessible Digital Space
  • Reinforces Your Brand Reputation and Loyalty

What ClaimsPro Adjusters are Saying

“I believe the 360-degree camera allows for consistency with photos of homes as opposed to taking photos corner to corner or left to right. The camera allows a full overall view which single photos may not be able to capture.” – Michael, a ClaimsPro Adjuster using SMART Field Inspections
“When you are dealing with structures with large amounts of contents in the way, the 360-degree camera captures these details for future review, but it eliminates them in the floorplan diagram. The ability to easily send the information to the contractor or estimator is also a welcome bonus.” – Blake, a ClaimsPro Adjuster using SMART Field Inspections
“The 360-degree camera took me minutes to complete an entire floor imagery which was returned to me in under 24 hours. The system is very intuitive and easy to follow and takes a very common-sense approach.” – Alex, a ClaimsPro Adjuster using SMART Field Inspections