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Transportation, Equipment, and Cargo (TEC) Services

ClaimsPro’s Specialty Risk Division has a dedicated unit offering specialized claims services for the Transportation, Equipment, and Cargo (TEC) industries.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cargo & Commercial General Liability Investigation & Mitigation
  • Environmental Management & Control
  • Liability & Subrogation Management
  • Catastrophic Injury Investigation & Management
  • Accident Benefits, Body Injury (BI) Tort, PIPP (MB)
  • Client Specific Loss Summary Reports
  • Assigned Fleet Control Adjusters
  • Bridge & Railway Impact Loss Expertise

We specialize in Third-Party Administration (TPA) for the transportation industry including Trust Account Management for fleet operations, providing services in English and French.

Unrivalled Experience with Largest North American Presence

Using a Senior Control Adjusting Model, our provincial team leads average 28 years of TEC experience. Utilizing 120+ branches across Canada, our expert team quickly attends to the accident scene to investigate and document the incident, working to mitigate exposures and determine liability. We are partners with a U.S. based company with 260+ locations throughout the USA, enabling us to offer you complete North American coverage.

We are available 24/7, ensuring you always speak to someone live at 1-866-466-1344

Contact one of our National or Provincial Leads


John Seyler

John D. Seyler, CIP

Vice President, TEC Operations

Email John D. Seyler

T: 416-860-0599 x 3713

C: 416-938-6491


Ana Batista

Ana Batista, CIP

Director, Transportation, Equipment, and Cargo

Email Ana Batista

T: 416-860-0599

Western Canada

Jason Illes

Jason Illes, CIP, BA

TEC Director, Western Canada

Email Jason Illes

T: 1-604-609-4106

TF: 1-877-650-0826


Headshot Sarah Lux

Sarah Lux, B.Com, CIP

TEC Director, Alberta

Email Sarah Lux

T: 780 229 8295

TF: 800 565 3128

British Columbia

Headshot placeholder

Sham Sanga, CIP

TEC Lead, British Columbia

Email Sham Sanga

T: 604 659 6569

Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Headshot placeholder

Karen Miner, CIP

TEC Lead, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Email Karen Miner

T: 514 789 8897


Jason White

Jason White, CIP, CCFI

Northwest Ontario Lead

Email Jason White

T: 1-807-623-7333

C: 1-807-627-1703


Mara Stancana

Mara Stancana

TEC Director, Quebec

Email Mara Stancana

T: 514 789 8897

Eastern Canada

Headshot placeholder

Luc Bourque, BBA, CIP

TEC Lead Adjuster, New Brunswick

Email Luc Bourque

T: 506-853-8510

C: 506-853-8510

Eastern Canada

Michael Connolly

Michael Connolly, BA, CIP, CFEI

TEC Lead, Nova Scotia & Newfoundland

Email Michael Connolly

T: 902-835-5730


Josh Connor

Josh Connor

TEC Lead, Southwestern Ontario

Email Josh Connor

T: 519 653 0220